Allied Risk Analyser - Frequently Asked Questions

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Frequently Asked Questions

This section has been included to address any specific questions you may have about the workings of the Risk Analyser and its capabilities.
  1. Why did the Risk Analyser change in February 2016?

    The Risk Analyser was developed in 2014 to record incidents at a number of Licensed Venues and to provide a means of relating these events into planning strategies to address the risk they represent to a venue. There was a need to update the process:
    • To simplify the data entry and
    • to expand on the reporting formats.
    The update was a rewrite of the original system with a host of new options.

  2. What were the changes in the updated Risk Analyser as of February 2016?

    The Risk Analyser 2016 version has changed the data entry process, removing some statistics that are captured elsewhere. The charts have been extended with a drill down option to 2 lower levels of detail. Templates for RSA Marshall and Security Rosters have been added to simplify the entry of these.

  3. Are further changes planned?

    The Risk Analyser is designed to meet the requirements of its target audience and it will change over time to meet these objectives. There are a number of features planned for the next release, including regional comparisons and 24 hour recording of people numbers. Integration with other applications is also being considered with exporting and importing options.

    Automatic reporting to Supervisors is being rolled out in August 2016, that will provide a review of activity on the site for data entry. At present limitations are placed on entering data beyond a certain time. This can be overwritten if required - please contact our office (02) 9635 0477 to alter the time limit on data entry or updates.

  4. Tutorial for Risk Analyser 2016 - Topic 1: Logon to Risk Analyser?

    This is a brief tutorial showing how to logon to the new Risk Analyser - click here to view it.

  5. Tutorial for Risk Analyser 2016 - Topic 2: Statistical Data Entry

    This shows you how to enter data in the new Risk Analyser - click here to view it.

  6. User Guide for Risk Analyser 2016

    A pdf document is available to download explaining how to use the new Risk Analyser - logon to the new program and go to Help - Documentation to download it.